Capital Preservation

Our first rule is not to lose money! We do so by doing careful due diligence, expense control and paying attention to details in the management of our income properties. For land development projects, we pay little or no cash for land holding during permit processing. We only recommend buying once permits are in hand. In most cases, our risk as developers is limited to the time and cost of processing government permits.

Expense Control

We pride ourselves in running a very efficient operation. We are are very frugal with any outlay of expense, always shopping multiple vendors. As much as we can, we do our legal word processing in house instead using outside counsel.

Patience in Holding

If we have chosen our properties well, we are bound to make money in the long run. Our disciplined and patient approach has helped us turn a profit on some challenging projects.

Business Relationships

We believe in relationships. We strive to treat all parties as fairly and decently as we can. This goes for our investors and employees as well as for vendors, municipalities, buyers, sellers, and tenants. Good relationships can really make the difference in a project’s success.

Attention to Details

We always do periodic accounting and year end tax filings on time. This discipline convinces lenders and partners that we are dependable. We pay all bills, including real estate commissions and taxes, on time.

Positive Leverage

Bankers have more money than we do. As long as we establish that we are trustworthy and credit-conscious, they would be glad to loan money to us at the best available rates and terms. The most expensive lender is the cheapest partner! By properly utilizing bank loans (and paying them off) We minimize the capital we have to raise on a per deal basis. This will significantly increase return on investor’s capital upon turnover.


Since our investors entrust in us to make the best decisions for them. We maintain control in day-to-day project decision making process and would defer to a majority vote of partners only for sale and financing matters.

Profits to Investors

Profits can be realized from operating cash flows and from appreciation of asset values. Profits and value are maximized by expense control, boosting occupancy rates, increased net cash flow, or a reduction of capitalization rates thanks to market conditions. Assets can also be refinanced when favorable interest environment develops to produce cash distributions.

Track Record

We have successfully completed project financing from institutions such as FNMA, Life Companies, Conduits, national to regional and local community banks.

We are very proud of our profitable track record. Qualified investors may contact us for details of our historical performance.